Providing Speech Teletherapy

To clients in Wyoming & Minnesota

Effective speech therapy that empowers you to communicate better.

Marianne Cartwright, Speech-Language Pathologist sitting at computer

Do you or a family member need speech therapy?

If you have communication, cognition, or swallowing difficulties that impact successful daily living, you may benefit from seeing a speech-language pathologist.

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Marianne Cartwright, M.S., CCC-SLP

Marianne Cartwright has over a decade of experience as a speech-language pathologist, working throughout Wyoming, in diverse settings, with an impressive range of people and problems.

What are the Benefits?

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The goal of speech therapy is to improve skills that will allow you to communicate more effectively. This includes the ability to better understand and express your thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Swallow & Voice

Other goals of treatment include optimizing swallow function to make the swallow as safe and successful as possible. Treatment can also address vocal function, improving vocal hygiene and vocal productions.

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Treatment can improve overall self-esteem. Through treatment you can achieve practical social skills; intelligible and fluent speech; and increased independence & problem solving.

Speech Therapy Services

Bird Mountain offers a variety of services for adults, adolescents and children. View all of the services provided to see what treatment might best suit your communication goals. Please note that due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are currently providing all services by teletherapy at this time.  

I am here to help you reach your communication goals

"Speech-language services are designed to optimize individuals' ability to communicate and swallow, thereby improving quality of life. SLPs develop and implement treatment to address the presenting symptoms or concerns of a communication or swallowing problem or related functional issue. Treatment establishes a new skill or ability or remediates or restores an impaired skill or ability. The ultimate goal of therapy is to improve an individual's functional outcomes.” - American Speech and Hearing Association

Credentials Include: ASHA CCC-SLP certified